Monday, August 23, 2010

2 Weeks Left!

I found out the other day that I have one less week to train for the 5K than I previously thought. It is actually September 4th instead of the 11th. I've started training like mad! I've been running more frequently and actually lifting weights. I hurt my right quad 2 weeks ago at a bachelorette party and I am still having problems with it. I also think I may have injured my right hamstring during my long run last week because I have a giant bruise. I'm trying to rehabilitate them with massage and rest but I'm still trying to get a run in each day.
I am getting really excited for this run! I can't wait to cross that finish line! It also doesn't hurt that my body is quickly whipping into shape. I'm gaining weight but I'm definitely losing fat so I am ok with it!
I also quit smoking today! I had my last cigarette about 24 hours ago. I haven't had any cravings yet so I think the outlook is good. I really hope this helps with my asthma because that is one thing that is holding me back from being able to run nonstop. I had to use my inhaler way too much the other night and decided that was the last straw.
I discovered tonight that running around my work campus is about the same distance as Sugarhouse Park. So tonight I ran twice around the perimeter of the campus with one extra baby loop around the Hyde lawn. Running outside is definitely a new beast but I'm trying to conquer it. I really like being out in the cool air, but it is also harder to breath and is slightly creepy.

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