Monday, August 23, 2010

2 Weeks Left!

I found out the other day that I have one less week to train for the 5K than I previously thought. It is actually September 4th instead of the 11th. I've started training like mad! I've been running more frequently and actually lifting weights. I hurt my right quad 2 weeks ago at a bachelorette party and I am still having problems with it. I also think I may have injured my right hamstring during my long run last week because I have a giant bruise. I'm trying to rehabilitate them with massage and rest but I'm still trying to get a run in each day.
I am getting really excited for this run! I can't wait to cross that finish line! It also doesn't hurt that my body is quickly whipping into shape. I'm gaining weight but I'm definitely losing fat so I am ok with it!
I also quit smoking today! I had my last cigarette about 24 hours ago. I haven't had any cravings yet so I think the outlook is good. I really hope this helps with my asthma because that is one thing that is holding me back from being able to run nonstop. I had to use my inhaler way too much the other night and decided that was the last straw.
I discovered tonight that running around my work campus is about the same distance as Sugarhouse Park. So tonight I ran twice around the perimeter of the campus with one extra baby loop around the Hyde lawn. Running outside is definitely a new beast but I'm trying to conquer it. I really like being out in the cool air, but it is also harder to breath and is slightly creepy.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back in the Saddle

So I unfortunately took 2 weeks off from training after starting my classes again. I was spending a lot of time working on projects and papers so running was the farthest thing from my mind. I started again last night while at work. I forgot my inhaler (big uh-oh) but decided I needed to run anyway. I ended up going 2.25 miles before my lungs were burning too much to go on. Not too shabby for having 2 weeks off and uncooperative lungs! I'm back at work tonight with my inhaler and plans to have a great run! I'm going to run 3.1 miles tonight at a 3% incline on the treadmill. My goal is to do this in 45 minutes but we will see how that little leggies might be sore from running last night and dancing all weekend! I've put on about 5 pounds the past few weeks so I am trying to get rid of those and maybe a few more before my race. I might go camping this weekend but if I don't I will be at Sugarhouse Park every night running like crazy! I really need to start focusing on my training and less on guys and my nightlife. My friend Adam is really kicking ass with his training! I am very proud of him because he is exercising like crazy everyday and running at least 3 miles everyday! I'm glad I have him to motivate me! I'll update in a few days when I come back to work!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


While this has nothing to do with what I want my blog to be I feel the need to talk about it because I'm flustered. I dated this guy a few months ago...thought he was great and really fell hard for him....then he had a total freak out and I didn't hear from him for about 6 weeks. Now he is trying to get back with me saying that we can work on things together and this that and the other. Despite my best efforts to redirect his attentions he is incredibly persistent. I have told him flat out "NO" but he wants to talk now. When I don't answer the phone after the first 20 calls I'm definitely not going to answer it on 21, 22, or 23! I'm definitely getting nervous about this and I'm not sure what to do...on the top of my to do list for tomorrow is change my phone number! Maybe that will work!

Monday, August 9, 2010


So this past week I have registered for a 5K and a 10K. The 5K is in 5 weeks and the 10K is in 7. I've started training and taking supplements to help with my endurance and muscle gain. The supplements are horrible tasting but the extra protein is definitely helping give me more energy. The 10K is going to be insane! It is called the Dirty Dash and is run through mud. I am entering the event as a team with a few of my friends. We are helping each other stay motivated and have a common goal of just finishing the event! We don't care about times or places, it is strictly going to be about pushing each other and meeting our goal. I'm having a hard time with my training schedule because I can't go running outside and a treadmill is just not the same. My neighborhood is too sketchy for a young female to go running around in the middle of the night and I can't leave my unit at work to go running. I will get there though!

School is going well. I just finished my bioethics class and definitely benefited from it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get at least an A- out of the class which will keep my GPA around 3.8! Woohoo! I've started a management class and can already tell I'm really going to have to force myself to do the work because it is so boring! How many times are they going to teach us to be a leader in nursing school?! Only 3 more classes though, that is 19 weeks!!!!

This past week I also gained a new family member! My sister had her first baby! A beautiful, healthy, and sweet little girl! I am so happy and excited! I usually have a general dislike for most children, but she is just too wonderful to not fall in love with. My sister and brother-in-law are going to be amazing parents and I am so happy for them! I can't wait to spoil my little princess and look forward to all of the fun things I'm going to teach her and take her to! Life is amazing!